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Kingstec Technologies works with our overseas partners to provide cost-efficient and high-quality contract assembly and manufacturing for custom made medical devices as well as other components and sub-assemblies.

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Since 1983, when Kingstec was a pioneer in contract manufacturing services, we have remained a leader in the field by fostering connections between Western companies and Asian manufacturers to deliver superior quality and cost efficiency. With decades of experience, we have the know-how to help you complete your project, your vision. We complete the connection.

Having started out managing the connection for overseas manufacturing of electronic components to the exacting standards of our North American clients, we have expanded across a broad spectrum of industries, including medical device components and sub-assemblies among others. Today we are partnering with companies of all sizes to take on the responsibilities of managing the manufacturing process from concept to delivery.

With decades of experience, and a extensive network of manufacturing partners throughout Asia, we have developed a keen understanding of the best capabilities of each of our suppliers. We operate as an extension of your own engineering team to ensure that your components and sub-assemblies are manufactured to your specifications, cost effectively and according to the established timeline. We work alongside our Asian partners to manage your project, tracking its progress from prototype to finished goods and providing updates on your schedule in your time zone and in your language.

When it comes to contract assembly services for the medical device industry, what distinguishes Kingstec is the trust we've earned from our customers, and the confidence we have in our carefully selected suppliers. When we say that we speak the language, we don't just mean Cantonese and Mandarin. We also appreciate the nuance of language in the local business community as it relates to contractual agreements, and the importance of safeguarding your original concept.

Between your preliminary medical device concept and your product being available in the marketplace, your company requires a solid bridge built on engineering talent and manufacturing knowledge. We have a highly experienced team here in Toronto working alongside our cost-efficient contract manufacturers in Asia to navigate the obstacles, manage the entire process, and ensure your offshore project goes smoothly.

Overseeing the process of manufacturing components to the strictest standards while bringing medical devices to the marketplace quickly has earned Kingstec our customers' trust. With decades of experience connecting Western companies to Asian manufacturers, we know how to identify potential pitfalls, navigate around obstacles and turn a prototype into a rigorously-tested production-ready model of guaranteed quality. We deliver all this and competitive pricing.

Kingstec’s multidisciplinary team is ready to support you with expert help at every stage of the manufacturing process for your components and sub-assemblies.

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